about us

Iscent offers intelligent technology to intelligent people.

Our passion is to increase attraction, sustainability, brand protection and cost efficiency by roll to roll.

  • ISCENT is pioneering in bringing mass produced, sustainable optical effects and textures to consumer packages, printed products and specialities.
  • We have developed  tailored nano and micro scale surface modifications method, roll to roll, to produce optical features directly on flexible plastics, paper and labels.
  • Web width up to 1600 mm opens up a new range of business opportunities, enabling the implementation of the technology on large-volume product lines thanks to minimized raw material costs.
  • As nothing is added to film or materials, our technology is a cost effective and  sustainable alternative. In addition, the technology enables other novel functional applications  with combined micro and  nanoscale textures on  different materials.
  • ISCENT is a privately owned high tech company in Finland with a competence provided by Finnish Paper Machinery manufacturing.

The name Iscent, is derived from the word Iridescent: “Generally known as the property of certain surfaces which appear to change colour as the angle of view changes”.

our inspirer in finland is aurora borealis!