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ISCENT Iridescent films and Iridescent technology

ISCENT is producing tailored visual and functional effects made directly on paper, carton board or plastic films with a unique 1,200 mm wide roll-to-roll production line. ISCENT’s proprietary process is based on a micro- and nanometer scale surface modification of films with the special thermo-mechanical roll-to-roll process on different material surfaces. As nothing is added to film or materials, ISCENT technology is considered as a cost effective, sustainable alternative to conventional holograms.

Iridescent OPET

ISCENT’s first products include holographic-like, light scattering effect films on OPET. Conventional holographic technologies are based on metal foiling or coatings, laminated structures and UV curable varnishes. With ISCENT’s innovative material surface modification technology, none of these elements are required (or for that matter any additional materials): the rainbow colours are generated simply by altering the topography of the plastic or paper surface. Application examples from wide range of OPET laminates in flexible packages (coffee, candies, chips, pet food, etc..). Overlaminated structures for promotion, marketing and advertising materials.

Iridescent OPP (pearlized)

Eye-catching differentiation: One feature of ISCENT’s technology is the ability to label branded products with a solution that is difficult to counterfeit. Printers can reduce the use of inks, and advertising agencies can create environmentally friendly and visually striking packages or marketing/advertising products. Application examples from wrap around labels on PET bottles, and others, where base material is pearlized OPP.

Product and gift wrapping materials

Additional applications include transparent films for gift and flower bouquet wrappings, which can be made more decorative without compromising transparency.

Wrapping materials for cosmetics, chocolate boxes, cigarrettes etc…

Polymer of dispersion coated paper and paper board

Polymer and dispersion coated paper and paper board are ideal in our process. Value adding in traditional paper and paper board applications. Brand your own product.

In Mould Labelling

The products are also suitable for injection moulded plastic products such as mobile phone shells, for thermoformed 3-D products such as lids, trays, blister packs, and for laminate solutions such as interior design elements and sports equipment.

Production Machinery

Iscent provides specially designed roll-to-roll production lines or modules into existing converting or printing lines. First production line is at ISCENT’s production site in Vantaa, please contact us for further details and book your test run with your product material !

Features on printed or non printed materials:
  • Tailored nanoscale optical effects
    • light diffractive designs
    • images, company logos and shapes
  • Tailored micro scale textures
    • controlled friction, gloss and matt effects, light transmittance
    • microchannels
  • IP protection: Effects visible with naked eye, or hidden as micro codes and read by microscope* (authentication)
*e.g. microscope for mobile phones,


Optical effects visible with naked eye


Hidden images as micro codes and read by microscope


No additional coatings needed, environmental friendly and food safe

Compact and cost effective production technology

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